About Mailboy

The Story of Mailboy

One day I started following Christoph Haas's ISPMail tutorial (which I recommend to anyone who wants to discover how to setup a full featured mail server), for a while the missing tool was an administration interface. I started by writing a Bash script for this. Other tools also emerged, like GRSoft Mail Manager which I used for a while.

At some point the ISPMail tutorial evolved and with this the database scheme changed, for my usage this wasn't optimal. And so the existing web admin interfaces didn't work for me anymore. I wrote Mailboy out of necessity for myself, and a howto on adapting various versions of ISPMail to work with Mailboy. I started to add a few more options here and there, like per user Amavis settings, a table for relay domains and then some ACLs to allow/reject senders and IPs. Now there's also support for hooking up an Ejabberd server.

ISPMail and Mailboy have databases that differ slightly, however the core of it is the same. I've learned a lot by following the Christop Haas's Workaround tutorial, in fact it's what helped me take things further and implement the features I wanted. I highly recommend to those who are actually interested in how this stuff works to go through the Workaround tutorial from A-Z.

Mailboy's Goal

Mailboy's goal is to provide a simple yet feature rich web interface and backend to hook up all the bits and pieces of a complete mail server. It is geared towards a "friends host friends" model, there are no "reseller" type options because I don't care about that sort of thing.

This setup uses well tested Free Software that should be available in almost all GNU distributions. Because Mailboy simply acts as a glue for these programs, you can tweak everything manually.

The Internet, as it was designed, is a worldwide distributed communication system, however the majority of users rely on centralised services. Mailboy is just another project to encourage people to control their own communication tools and re-decentralise the Internet.


Mailboy is licensed under GPLv3 - The content of this website is licensed under CC-BY-NC